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            In 1985-The state-owned Guangzhou Baiyun Sealant Factory was established.

            In 1992-Imported the silicone sealant technology which was specially designed for the first satellite application of China.

            In 1998- One of the first batch enterprises that gained permission of silicone structure sealant production authorized by the National Economic and Trade Commission

            - Identified as High-tech Enterprises in Guangzhou and Technology Innovation Enterprise in Guangdong province.

            In 1999- Passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification

            In 2000-Baiyun has set up the provincial level engineering & technology research and development center. It is the only one in Chinese sealant industry

            In 2001- Awarded as the Top Brand of Guangzhou City

            In 2002- It was the only enterprise in Chinese sealant industry that passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, Management System Certification of British Standards Institute and was the first to pass the Quality Environmental Safety and Health Certification in China.

            - Completed China's first world class automatic continuous silicone sealant production line

            -  "Baiyun" trademark was awarded as Guangdong Top Brand.

            In 2003 - Transformed from Guangzhou Baiyun Sealant Factory into Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd;

            -It was the only enterprise in the sealant industry to win Chinese Science and Technology Award

            -Post-doctoral research station was authorized to be set up in our company

            In 2004--The new generation construction silicone SS922 Super Performance products passed the appraisal of the experts of the Ministry of Construction;

            - Became the industrialized production base of the building sealant of the Ministry of Construction

            In 2005-It won the title of National Torch Program Key High-tech Enterprise;

            -It won the title of Competitive Enterprises of the Guangdong Intellectual Property Office

            - It was the first enterprise to win the second prize of State-level enterprise management modernization innovation achievement prize in china sealant industry.

            In 2006- Baiyun was granted "Chinese Top Brand" "of Guangdong Province".

            In 2007- It was awarded "2006 Guangdong Outstanding Independent Brands";

            In 2008- “Baiyun”was awarded“International science and technology cooperation base” authorized by China national ministry of science and technology.

            -”Baiyun”become the“Top 100 private enterprise”in Guangdong province.

            - Our Continues production line workshop was awarded“WorkersPioneer”by ACFTU (All China Federation of Trade Unions)

            In 2009- Baiyun Become Innovative pilot enterprise of Guangdong province

            In 2010-Baiyun was awarded GuangdongAcademician Experts Enterprise Work station”

            -Baiyun was awarded GuangdongIntellectual Property rights Exemplary Enterprises”

            -Baiyun was awarded “Innovative Enterprise”in Guangdong province.

            In 2011-Baiyun was awarded Outstanding Contribution Enterprise”.

            - Baiyun was awarded “Enterprise”.

            In 2014-BAI YUN Testing Center become the first CNAS Authorized Silicone sealant Laboratory which has testing capacity of five Standards Series.

            In 2015-BAI YUN new green automatic intelligent continuous production line was successfully developed and put into operation, highlight "Chinese wisdom made".