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                  1998: The first company to be permitted to produce Structural sealant
                  2000:  The first to set up the provincial level technology center in sealant industry.

                  2003:  The first sealant company to be authorized set up post Doctoral research center.

                  2003:  The first sealant enterprise to be awarded Chinese Science and Technology Award;

                  2004:   It became the first industrialized production base of the building sealant of the Ministry of Construction;
                  2004:   Rank 29 in the Top 100 private enterprises in Guangzhou.
                  2004:   Baiyun Super performance sealants were research out, and been used in USA Tinian Dynasty Hotel.
                  2005:  Baiyun was awarded the title of National Torch Program Key High-tech Enterprise.
                  2005:  The first Super performance structural sealant was permitted by china government.
                  2005:  Baiyun was awarded the second prize of State-level enterprise management modernization innovation achievement prize .
                  2006:  The first to be awarded the The national top ten construction science and technology achievement award in sealant industry.

                  2008: “Baiyun” was awarded “International science and technology cooperation base” authorized

                  by China national ministry of science and technology.

                  2008:”Baiyun” was the “Top 100 private enterprise” in Guangdong province.

                  2013:  The full automatic silicone sesalant  production line researched by Baiyun is still the NO.1 in china.

                  2004-2013: NO.1 sealant brand to be choosed by readers during 2004-2013 in china curtain wall website.

                  2005-2013: Baiyun was paticipated to write and revise many china national standard of silicone sealant.