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                  Innovation is the core power to drive Baiyun Chemical to develop continuously and healthily. Paying much attention to technology and science, Baiyun has always endeavored to improve the innovation ability.Under these conditions,

                  Baiyun has obtained considerable achievements.

                  So far,Baiyun is in possession of postdoctoral research center, enterprise working station , Sino- Ukrainian and

                  Sino-Russian International Science and Technology Cooperation Bases, provincial engineering & technology

                  research and development center and one provincial enterprise technology center, along with a strong research

                  team composed of academicians, professors, senior engineers and staffs with doctor and master degree.

                  Sticking to the concept of "the enterprise as the main body, the market as the orientation",Baiyun always combines

                  production and study with research.Therefore,it has built cooperation relationship of with Tsinghua University,

                  Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, Sichuan University, Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry,


                  Concentrating on research is fundamental for Baiyun Chemical to be a leader in the market and win reputation.

                  Active research and application of new  conception,technology and skills are the essential advantages to lead the


                  In 2002, Baiyun Chemical constructed the first fully-automatic continuous production line with intellectual property 

                  rights in China.Until now, the automatic level of the production line has been unparalleled. Baiyun Chemical, which is 

                  a main drafter and promoter of national and industrial standardization,participated in 37 items of national standards

                  and 20 items of industrial standards. Since 1999 in which year Baiyun Chemical applied for the first patent, it has 

                  possessed 95 patents and 80 authorized patents,and has won China Patent Excellence Award twice.