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          How’s the situation of the world’s highest hidden frame curtain wall after 10 years?

          Release date:2018-09-172 Source: Click:1347

          The hidden frame curtain wall was born in 1970s and introduced into China in 1990s. Since then, with the efforts of a number of technical experts, the hidden frame curtain wall has developed rapidly in China. At the same time, people have put forward higher and higher requirements on the performance of relevant materials

          Structural sealant, as explained in gb14682-2006, refers to "sealant used in building structures to transmit static or dynamic load between structural members". Structural sealant has two key technical indicators, strength and elasticity. Strength mainly refers to tensile bond strength (GB16776, or greater than 0.6mpa), which is a key index to characterize the mechanical properties of structural sealant and is closely related to the safety coefficient of structural sealant in the adhesion system of building curtain wall structure. In addition, structural sealant also needs to have certain elasticity, because when the main structure is deformed or temperature difference changes, there will be certain deformation between glass and aluminum sub-frame, which will cause tension of structural sealant and cause internal stress of structural sealant. The elasticity can be seen from the maximum strength elongation (GB16776, or greater than 100%) or the elastic recovery rate (ETAG002, JG/T475, or greater than 95%). If the elasticity of the structure sealant is poor, the deformation will be pulled or the internal stress greater than the strength design value will be generated, which will greatly reduce the service life of the structure sealant.

          Due to the excellent performance of silicone sealant, baiyun chemical stood out among many competing brands in the subsequent bidding of guangzhou xita sealant after three expert arguments and two blind tests, and finally by facts and data. Baiyun super - performance structure sealant and weather - resistant sealant were successfully applied in this project.

          Guangzhou International Financial Center (alias: guangzhou west tower, guangzhou IFC) is located on the central axis of the CBD of zhujiang new city, adjacent to zhujiang river. It covers an area of about 31,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 450,000 square meters and a total height of 440.75 meters. The overall appearance of guangzhou west tower is crystal clear, with more than 10,000 hidden glass curtain walls covering the main tower. From the date of construction till now, the west tower of guangzhou has been the tallest building in the world with full hidden frame glass curtain wall system. Since then, as the chief financial business platform of south China, guangzhou xita has been in line with guangzhou's economic development, and has become a new benchmark for guangzhou's business image with strong brand advantages, comprehensive planning functions, excellent product quality and perfect service system

          So, how durable is the high-performance structural sealant applied to the world's highest total hidden frame glass curtain wall building? What about performance after nearly a decade of actual use compared to when it was first used? In May 2017, baiyun chemical technology of the project made a return visit, mainly looked at the guangzhou west tower of the tower and podium, hidden frame glass curtain wall. The hidden frame glass curtain wall is mainly used as the structural adhesion of SS922 of baiyun super high performance structure sealant. In may of the same year, the curtain wall maintenance team of jinyue curtain wall in shenzhen replaced the broken glass of the project, and baiyun chemical technical staff went to the site to check the use of sealant and sample the structural sealant.

          The following information of field view is as below: 1. The curtain wall leakage was not seen; 2. The sealant does not appear obvious aging, elastic feels good; 3. All sealant were not conducted maintenance; 4. No glass in the overall crash; 5. Have changed since the explosion of glass.

          The performance and quality of Baiyun Chemical products can provide customers with product performance commitment (enterprise standard) higher than the national standard. After nearly ten years of application in the world's highest fully hidden frame glass curtain wall, the product performance is still very excellent. Baiyun Chemical products have been successfully applied for more than 20 years, which has been recognized by the majority of users in China and more and more internationally renowned consulting companies and owners, and widely used in engineering projects in southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and other parts of the world. In the future, Baiyun Chemical will continue to increase its brand promotion and r&d investment to let more people know and choose the high-performance Baiyun brand series sealant products.

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