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        2. Durability of Sealant R&D

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          Durability of Sealant R&D

          Curtain walls, byproduct of technological development in modern society, are the distinguished feature in the times of modern high- rise buildings. Various kinds of curtain walls contribute to changeable appearance of buildings and magic architectural effect.

          Since silicone sealant is the most important bonded carrier of curtail walls, its weather-proof capability and aging problem have been animatedly discussed in the industry.

          As a modern enterprise with a history of nearly 30 years in the industry, Baiyun Chemical has always focused on the safety application of structural sealant with strong social responsibility.

          In 1997,Baiyun Chemical, built a curtain wall designed to be exposed for 50 years in the company for testing. Technicians in Baiyun regularly collected the data of the performance of structural sealant.

          Small curtain wall in Baiyun Factory Since 1997. will be tested until 2047.

          Moreover, Baiyun wants to do more. In order to make the aging-resistant experiment more scientific and fair, the company signed a 50-years testing agreement with Guangzhou Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Synthetic Material Aging of Chemical Industry, to conduct a 50-years atmospheric natural aging test of structural sealant in Guangzhou and Xinjiang.

          It is said that the duration of the silicone sealant performance is no more than 25 years. Under such circumstance, Baiyun Chemical implemented the 50-year test and conducted the natural exposure tests in relatively wet Guangzhou and dry Xinjiang. The data obtained from the atmospheric natural aging test will provide sufficient data for Baiyun Chemical in research, innovation and guidance of application of products in different climates, helping the company produce safe, permanent and high-quality silicone sealant. The test can also provide more scientific data for the formulation of industrial, national and international standards.

          It is reported that developed countries establish natural exposure testing spots in different places with different climates.

          The testing spots Guangzhou and Xinjiang chosen for 50-year limit test are respectively characterized by typical southern humid subtropical climate and northern hot, dry and cold desert climate. The two climates represent two kinds of extremes weather condition.

          Baiyun Chemical, by taking advantage of the climate features, undertakes silicone structural sealant aging research and examines the aging-resistant performance under extreme circumstances such as cold, humid and hot climates, thus providing reliable data for designing the service life of silicone sealant in various areas.

          Samples In Guangzhou Testing center.

          Samples in Xin Jiang province testing center.