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        2. Sealant Application Training Course

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          Sealant Application Training Course

          Aiming at advocating on safety awareness and helping sealant industry grow, Baiyun Chemical opened Silicone Sealant Application Skills Training Class.

          Baiyun invites sealant workers and project supervisors to attend the class. The class included from sealant theory to practical operation. Trainees not only received training class, but also shared their experience in using silicone sealant.

          Lectures will be held to focus on trainees’ questions on sealant application.

          As the leader in the silicone sealant industry, Baiyun will continue to provide professional training glass to sealant technicians, improving industrial level.
          The Silicone Sealant Application Skills Training Class has been opened in several cities, like Hangzhou, Suzhou and Hainan.

          Baiyun will keep on doing the activities to fulfill social responsibility.

          Trainees is listening to Baiyun technician's presentation on sealant application.

          Q&A time